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Skinactive14™ intensive day cream, 50ml

Skinactive14™ intensive day cream - daily basic care for 14 skin aging problems

Skinactive14™ intensive day cream - The compact solution for 14 general skin aging problems. Daily basic care for 14 skin aging problems with an SPF rating of 15+!

Feel the difference after the first application!

Basic Care for the 14 Most Frequent Skin Aging Problems

Dry skin, small creases and wrinkles, weak structure, loss of firmness and elasticity, uneven skin tone, redness and sun spots, thin, transparent, rough, dull and stressed skin, enlarged pores, lacking radiance.

Skinactive14™Intensive Day Cream Exceeds Any Conventional Moisturizer

Skinactive14™intensive day cream has been specifically developed as protection against the 14 most frequent skin problems – caused by anything ranging from stress or aging to drying of the skin. Skinactive14™intensive day cream contains 5 concentrated cosmetic ingredients that, combined, create this essential basic care for your skin after its first application. The result? An intensive moisturizing care, anti-aging and rejuvenation components that help make the skin look more youthful.

Active Ingredients

Renovage: Provides the skin’s surface with a noticeable improvement and creates a younger and smoother look.

Exo-T: Maintains the balance between cell renewal and the breakdown of dead skin cells, creating an optimal regeneration of the skin. This process protects the collagen structure, improving the skin texture and creating an even skin tone.

Aquaxyl: Made up of glucose and xylitol, this active substance increases the skin’s water reservoir and also reduces the loss of moisture. It doesn’t take long for an improvement of the skin’s structure to become apparent, with a visibly smoother look.

Sun Protection Filter: Provides an SPF rating of 15 + UVA/ UVB protection against the sun’s harmful radiation.


After using other Skin Doctors™ products, gently massage the Skinactive14™intensive day cream into the skin.


Should I use an additional daily skin care product?

Skinactive14™intensive day cream is the daily basic solution for numerous skin problems. However, the process of aging is something that will increase your amount of skin problems, meaning you will require a more intensive specific type of treatment. SKIN DOCTORS™ has a wide variety of products that you can combine with Skinactive14™intensive day cream.

What makes Skinactive14™intensive day cream different to other moisturizing creams? 

Skinactive14™intensive day cream is a lot more than just a daily moisturizing cream. This cream provides a unique combination of 5 active ingredients that create a youthful radiant look. All this can be achieved in a single daily application.

How do I achieve the best results?

Skinactive14™intensive day cream contains everything that your skin needs throughout the day to stay protected and well-kept, and all this by simply applying it every morning. Another of our products “Skinactive14™regenerating night cream“ can be used in combination with Skinactive14™intensive day cream to increase the effects.

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