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Antarctilyne plump3™, 50ml

Loss of Collagen and Wrinkles?

Our skin needs our support to prevent the age-related decrease in collagen.

Loss of Collagen Leads to the Formation of Wrinkles

A consequence of the aging process is the decrease in the amount of collagen produced. Aging collagen fibers are no longer replaced by new ones, leading to porous and thin skin. Caused by the decreasing amount of collagen, our skin loses its tension which results in wrinkles. Stress, an unbalanced diet and sun exposure can additionally speed up this process.

Antarctilyne plump3™ - the triple action skin plumper!

The breakthrough, tri-functional ingredient Trylagen in Antarctilyne plump3™ helps increase the content of collagen, structure the collagen fibers and prevent the remaining collagen from deteriorating.

Active Ingredients

Trylagen: A revolutionary tri-functional ingredient consisting of active peptides and proteins which target the appearance of collagen in every skin layer.


Gently cleanse the skin and dab the skin dry. Apply the cream to the areas that require treatment, avoiding the eye area. Gently massage the cream into the skin until it has been completely absorbed. Conclude the treatment by using a moisturizing cream. In order to protect the skin and to ensure the success of the treatment, we recommend you use sun protection with a minimum rating of SPF 15 throughout the day.


How does Antarctilyne plump3™ work?

The tri-functional ingredient Trylagen, a combination of active peptides and proteins, stabilizes collagen structure and helps with the regeneration of the skin.

How is Antarctilyne plump3™ different to its original formula?

Advances in technology have enabled Skin Doctors to once again deliver innovative solutions to problems that you thought could only be sorted out by surgery. The active ingredient in Antarctilyne plump3™ is made up of a highly effective combination of active peptides and proteins. Every one of these ingredients is actually a component of the original Antarctilyne formula, Antarcticine. This new and improved formula will not only provide for the same collagen strengthening and tightening already known from the original formula, but will also build on the results!

Are there any side effects?

Every person’s skin varies, as do reactions to irritation, and side effects. We recommend you do a patch test before applying the cream to the face.

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