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Eyecircle™, 15ml

Dark bags under your eyes?

Most people think of dark bags under the eyes as a link to stress and lack of sleep. In actual fact it is due to an excessive storage of blood.

Eyecircle™ helps drastically reduce dark bags under your eyes!

Dark Eye Circles

Most people think of dark bags under the eyes as a symptom of tiredness, anxiety, stress or lack of sleep. The circles or swellings are normally a result of poor blood circulation, causing less oxygenated blood and a bluish appearance. However, some people suffer from dark brown to blackish circles under their eyes which is quite a different matter to the usual purplish appearance known by most people. This permanent discoloration is a result of the ineffective break down of clotted blood which has managed to escape through the delicate capillaries under the eyes.

Eyecircle™ Dramatically Reduces the Appearance of Dark Eye Circles.

Eyecircle™ will allow you to achieve dynamic, fresh and more youthful looking skin with the active ingredient Haloxyl which is a matrikine peptide.

Active Ingredients

Haloxyl: A revolutionary matrikine peptide which helps get rid of dark eye circles by breaking down degraded red blood cells and also strengthens the skin in the affected area. The skin appears less transparent and brighter.

Waltheria Indica Extract & Fruit Acid Complex: A combination of active ingredients that is used as a natural skin brightener and also helps in reducing pigmentation. It additionally makes skin smoother and softer.


Gently cleanse and dab the skin dry. After cleaning the face, gently apply the cream below the eyes, working inwards to outwards.


How does Eyecircle™ work?

Eyecircle™ works with a combination of ingredients which also includes the breakthrough Haloxyl. Haloxyl neutralizes the appearance of dark pigmentation caused by bilirubin (a biological breakdown product of the red-colored blood pigment) and iron. Eyecircle™ also includes a blend of natural vitamins, skin brighteners and moisturizing ingredients in order to nurture and brighten the delicate area around the eyes.

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