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Hair No More™ Inhibitor Spray, 120ml

Unwanted hair growth?

The eternal problem after removing hair: removed hair always seems to grow back quicker.

Hair no more™ Inhibitor Spray slows down the regrowth of unwanted hair!

Problems Caused by Hair Removal

The eternal problem of hair removal – shall I shave, wax or epilate hair etc.? Various methods bring various results, and the process can often be painful. Remainders of hair or stubble are difficult to get rid of. Seeing as the hair is removed from underneath the surface of the skin, inflammation or razor burn can occur. Furthermore, hair seems to grow back quickly, meaning you have to repeat the removal process

Hair no more™ Inhibitor Spray – the quick, simple and painless way to slow down and reduce hair regrowth.

Hair no more™ Inhibitor Spray is a quick and easy way of dramatically reducing the appearance of regrowing hair. Hair no more™ Inhibitor Spray helps to quickly and painlessly inhibit hair regrowth. The regrowing hair appears softer and thinner.

Active Ingredients

Pilinhib Veg: An ingredient complex made up of soy protein, Hypericum, Hamamelis, Arnica and Urea which gently slows down hair growth.

Urea: Is responsible for moisturizing worn-out skin.

Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel extract, Willow extract, Hypericum extract, arnica oil etc.: Help to heal damaged skin. Natural astringents provide the skin with a fresh and smooth feeling. Salicylic Acid not only acts as an antiseptic agent, but also helps break down the keratin in the hair. Hypericum when used externally is known to relax the skin. Combined with Witch Hazel, it creates a powerful but natural analgesic.


Remove unwanted hair with the Hair No More™ hair removal cream. Thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin. Spray Hair No More™ Inhibitor Spray on to skin and gently massage it into the skin.


How does Hair no more™ Inhibitor Spray work?

Hair no more™ Inhibitor Spray penetrates into the pores and saturates the roots of the hair. The fluid prevents the roots from absorbing the nutrients, stopping hair cells from sprouting.

When will I see first results?

Hair no more™ Inhibitor Spray reduces growth of unwanted hairs. Results vary depending on thickness of hair, amount of hair being removed and frequency of use.

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