Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy SKIN DOCTORS™ products?

SKIN DOCTORS™ products are available in certain pharmacies in Germany, where you will receive competent and comprehensive consultation. We will happily help you find them. Simply contact us on +49 (0) 641 4 99 00 99 00. 

Where is SKIN DOCTORS™ from? How long has SKIN DOCTORS™ been around?

The label SKIN DOCTORS™ was created in Sydney, Australia in 1997. Its first product Vein Away™ was an instant hit in the same year and went to number 1 as the top selling cream of all pharmacies. In 2001, to start off with, the label was distributed in other international markets. SKIN DOCTORS™ is currently available in 48 countries. Since 01.06.2011, Neotopic GmbH & Co.KG, located in Gießen, have had exclusive distribution rights for Germany and Austria, looked after distribution partners and secured the service.

What makes SKIN DOCTORS™ products special?

The formulations contain highly efficient ingredients maintaining an optimal level for clinically tested skin care solutions. This means maximum effect without prescription. Problem-oriented skin care applications are supposed to fill in the gap between traditional cosmetics and cosmetic surgery.
1 skin care problem = 1 SKIN DOCTORS™ Solution

What are cosmeceuticals?

For years, cosmeceuticals have been a large trend in the field of beauty, lifestyle and cosmetics. Strictly speaking, the term “cosmeceuticals” is a neologism (a newly coined word) that the pharmaceutical industry introduced in the 90s particularly in the USA. By now this label has become an independent term. Cosmeceuticals is made up of the words cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and describes skin care products that have a highest possible concentration of biologically active ingredients.

How can I test SKIN DOCTORS™ products?

Contact your SKIN DOCTORS™ pharmacy. You will receive full and personal consultation. To get to know the products, you can use testers and samples which are also available there.

Why do some products not have samples?

It takes 3 to 4 weeks of application for some products to give off their full effects. The amount of samples would not be sufficient for such a period of time. 

Can I use SKIN DOCTORS™ products with my normal basic care?

Yes, there are no needs for adjustments. If you wish you can use the complete range. Complete your treatment for the day or night with a moisturizing cream (e.g. Skinactive14™ Day from SKIN DOCTORS™). Please make sure that in the daytime you use sufficient sun protection to protect your skin, resulting in optimal treatment success. We recommend the use of sun protection with a minimum SPF rating of 15.

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